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Biography and CV


Milja Ilona Salonen is a sculptor born in Kellokoski in 1992. Salonen works in Kellokoski and Kerava. She graduated as a Master of Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts of Helsinki University of Art in 2023.

Artist Statement

I am a sculptor from Central Uusimaa. I work with many different materials, but wood is the one that repeatedly draws me to it. The center of my work is the body; expressive figure. It has become the most natural means of expression for me, because for me the body is the one through which we experience, create our world and ourselves. I am attracted by the expressive power of figurativeness and the opportunity it offers to convey emotional states and experiences through physicality.  I am interested in the relatability of my own personal experience; how we can reach the viewer and create a contact surface by turning inward, to ourselves. Physicality also becomes a part of the process itself, because the physicality of the sculpture itself inevitably forms part of the work and expression. 

In my work, I also want to give place to the stories offered by the material and open up new meanings through them.  I want to create a kind of material freedom; instead of using a specific material, I work with the material, exploring its properties and making use of them.

- Milja


Sea Glass And Other Things Shaped By Waves, 2024 

Solo Exhibition, Gallery Alli, Kerava, FInland

Puunsyy, 2023

Group Exhibition, Kuusisto Art Mansion, Kaarina, Finland

Landmark, 2023

Group Exhibition, Öland, Sweden

Piece One Day I Saw You Passing By

Kuvan Kevät, 2023

Kuva/Tila Helsinki

Academy of Fine Arts Master Exhibition.

Stromorodie / Treencarnation, 2022

Bratislava, Slovakia

The piece: Metsänpeitto / Lesná hmla

Shake Rattle and Mold, 2022

Group exhibition of the Working Laboratory course of the Academy of Fine Arts in the Project Room of the Exhibition Laboratory.

The pieces: Spider Spider On The Wall and The Soft Spot.

Ceramega, 2020

Curator Piela Auvinen, Valkeakoski

Academy of Fine Arts Bachelor Exhibition, 2019

Academy of Fine Arts Bachelor Exhibition.

The piece: Female pig (self-portrait of the artist)

The End, 2019

Siitoila Manor, Ilmatra.

The piece: Remains (2019)

RAATO, 2019

Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki

RAATO collective exhibition.

Sharing Notes (feminist gathering), 2019

Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki

Maasta, 2018

Gallery Bunkkeri, Ilmatra

Stockfors Artfair, 2018

Stockfors Village, Pyhtää

Finire, 2015

Pekka Halonen Academy final exhibition, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki

Other artistic activities

Kuusiston Veistoviikot, 2023

Puunveistoviikot, Kuusiston Taidekartano, Kaarina, Suomi

Surprise Laboratory International, 2023

Puunveistosymposium, Öölanti, Ruotsi

Stromorodie / Treencarnation, 2022

Woodcarving Symposium, Bratislava, Slovakia.

Baltic Stone Symposium, 2018

Stone carving symposium, Imatra, Finland.


Master of Fine Arts, 2023

Uniarts Helsinki, Academy of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2021

Uniarts Helsinki, Academy of Fine Arts

Extension of the degree of graphic artist, graphic design, 2021

Pekka Halonen Academy

Kuva-artesaani, line of visual and media art, 2016

Pekka Halonen Academy

Kansanopisto, fine arts and visual communication line, 2013

Pekka Halonen Academy

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